Software AlfaCurrency
Accounting software packages can be tailored to your needs!
Complete and Integrated Module.

Facilities (Application Module) In general:
1. Finance (Finance & Accounting)
2. Inventory (Inventory)
3. Purchase (Purchase)
4. Sales (Sales)
5. Production (Assembly & Disassembly)
6. Fixed assets
7. Consignment (consignment)
8. Consolidated financial statements of the head office and branch
9. Multi (user, currency, warehouse, division, project)
10. Statistics (financial, stock, purchasing, sales, tax)
11. The consolidated financial ratios, cash flow, forecast cash / bank
12. Training, mentoring, consulting & customized, etc..

Users AlfaCurrency:
Retail Companies, Shops, Supermarkets, Distributors, Agents, Trading, Export-Import, Contractors, Property Agent, Education, Universities, Consultants, Government, Cooperatives, RB, Hotel, Motel, Hospital, Clinic, Pharmacy, Restaurant, Catering, Cooperative , Service, Repair, Finance, Leasing, Rental, Plantation, recruitment agency, Salon & SPA, Forwarder / Cargo, Mining, Garments, etc..

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